Vibrant Cleanliness.

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janitorial services you never knew you needed.

No more worrying whether the trash bag has been swapped, when you’re about to run out of toilet paper, or when your housekeeper is on her way. Our turnkey janitorial services take all of the questions out of bringing in a cleaning team to support your business.

How We Help:

Whether you’ve tried to hire internally, or contracted cleaning services out – it often comes with a couple of caveats and a lot of questions.

MopsInc has large-scale commercial cleaning services pretty much down to a science at this point, though. Here’s how.

From hotel takeovers to vacation properties, every member of our team is trained to look at every space through our client’s eyes, and we manage them impeccably – so you don’t have to

Chaos Management

We eliminate the need for you to work with multiple cleaning services. We build out efficiencies and systems so that it all feels more streamlined and far less hectic.

Constant Communication

With our automated communication services, you’ll know when we’re on our way, what went down while we’re there, and you’ll be notified the moment your property is ready.

Turnkey Service

From your towels to your linens, and toilet paper, and how many pumps are left in your soap dispensers – we track every ounce of data and manage all of the little moving parts so you don’t have to.

Quality Assurance

We take the emotion out of complaints. We welcome feedback, track it, and figure out how to fix it so your space looks exactly how you want it to look, every time.

Who We Help:

MopsInc offers janitorial and housekeeping services to large commercial properties, resorts, hotels and property managers of multi-unit vacation rentals in Prince Edward County, Bay of Quinte and the surrounding region.

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Contact MopsInc today to arrange a free janitorial or housekeeping service consultation call so you can go from stressed out to calm, cool and collected knowing that cleaning is no longer a concern.