We’ve Got Answers.

No, not anymore! MopsInc serves large commercial properties, resorts, hotels and property managers of multi-unit vacation rentals in Prince Edward County and the surrounding region. If you’re on the hunt for a residential cleaning company and would like a recommendation, feel free to reach out!
Absolutely! MopsInc has no interest in the old model of janitorial services where cleaners would just come in at night, never to be seen. Our team members exude vibrant cleanliness in every sense of the word, and are always happy to stop for a quick chat while we’re working.

Not likely. One of the benefits of working with MopsInc is that we have a team of 30+ professionally trained cleaners on our team. Our human-first approach means that our staff give us their availability and we work around their schedules rather than the other way around.

But, with such a large team, we’re able to manage everyone’s schedules and always have someone on hand to complete the job to the highest of standards.

With a digital lockbox.
All of our team members go through a criminal background check, are bondable and covered by WSIB. The management team has access to key codes to support our team members on-site, cover any absence or turnover and perform quality inspections. We also have an agreed-upon cleaning schedule with each of our clients that we strictly adhere to (ie. no one is showing up at an unscheduled time). For our large-scale janitorial contracts, you will generally have the same team member for every clean, however, they are still required to return your building keys back to the digital lockbox at the end of each clean.
Communication is key at MopsInc. You will have your very own assigned point of contact within our leadership team who can handle anything from admin questions to invoicing to any complaints you might have. You can reach out to them via email, phone, or text messaging and receive a response in real time. Based on the situation, our leadership team will work together to best serve you.
First, we start with an initial conversation about the needs of the space and what level of service you are hoping to receive. We like to gain an understanding of what has been going well with your current cleaning service (if you have one), what has not been going so well, and what needs to be improved upon. From there we will build out an estimate for your initial deep clean and recurring services, and then set up another meeting to review that proposal which will be sent to you digitally. Once we have that approval, we move into booking, scheduling, building out a customized workflow, and bringing in inventory suppliers and then we begin our deep clean duties. Once we have reached our level of standard in the space, we shift into a maintenance plan of recurring services.