You’re in
good company.

We are a laugh-loving, converse-wearing, passionate team full of vibrant, quirky, people who like to have fun at work. If you pop by our office, you might catch someone grabbing a few minutes of shut-eye in our nap room, or caught up in an impassioned match at our ping-pong table.

Our Story

MopsInc was born from the roots of Mommy Mops – a company created by our founder, Stephanie, who went searching for a way to support her busy lifestyle as a single mom.

From some seriously humble beginnings, this one-woman show has grown into an award-winning team of 30+ in the height of the summer season, which offers large-scale cleaning services in the Prince Edward County area to vacation rental properties and commercial clients 12 months a year.

Our Approach

Vibrant cleanliness is at the core of everything we do. From how our clients feel about their space after we’ve left, to any encounter they have with our team members.

We take a human-first approach to how we manage our team. We believe our staff deserve autonomy and everyone should be excited to come to work. In a nutshell, we’re really here to change the face of the cleaning industry.

We know what it’s like to juggle daycare, school, extracurricular activities and, ya know, be a mom. Through automation and streamlined systems, we keep them happy, which keeps our clients even happier.

Our Leadership Team

Our Founder, Stephanie

Stephanie is the visionary behind the company! As a fearless risk-taker who loves what she does, her focus is on business growth and development. With a knack for negotiating and expressing her passions, Stephanie keeps the business moving forward.

Our Connector, Renee

Renee supports each of our team members to grow personally and professionally through motivation and coaching. Renee’s past profession with the school board prepared her to be a successful connector and overseer, and a valuable asset to our leadership team.

Our Organizer, Michelle

Formerly employed in retail management, Michelle is an expert at scheduling teams and handling customer service. Although Michelle mainly works behind the scenes, she is still the main point of contact for our clients. She also plans and coordinates our staffing events.